Membership Program

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We are launching our membership registration program! 

Dear Friends of DDMBA Chicago,

     Over the years, with your support and the devotion of many volunteers, our local chapter’s contact list has grown from a few dozen names to more than a thousand. Yet we remain a purely volunteer-operated organization.

     We have come to realize that, in order to be a healthy and sustainable community, it is time we clarify and define the extent of our membership. Strengthening the foundation of our membership and developing the volunteer pool is essential to achieving our aspiration of benefiting more people. That’s why we are asking you to formally register your membership and renew your support.

     We are grateful for your support and participation in various ways, whether over many years or in newer time, continuously or occasionally. Every personal contact is the fruit of numerous past causes, and every interaction seeds something for the future! We sincerely ask for your continued support, and encourage your participation in the activities and in volunteering. 

If you are currently on our email list but not a DDMBA Chicago member, or need to renew your membership, click membership payment to enable your membership.

If you are not currently on our mailing list, click become a member to signup for our mailing list and become a new DDMBA Chicago member.

Membership categories and fees – Annual Membership Fee: $20

Member Privileges:

  • Discount in activity fees.
  • Invitation to special gatherings.
  • Can nominate or be elected to Chicago Chapter committee members or Chapter president .

Thank you for your support!

Please also take a moment to consider how you can contribute your time and talent for the growth and sustainability of this community and for benefiting more people! You may contact Jialin Yi ( for any question or comment regarding this program. 

May you and your family have a peaceful and happy season!


DDMBA Chicago Chapter