Buddha’s Birthday 2024 & Potluck

May 12, 2024 @ 11:00 AM
DDM Chicago Chapter
241 Holbrook Ave
Wheeling IL 60090
Buddha's Birthday 2024 & Potluck @ DDM Chicago Chapter

Please join us to celebrate Buddha’s birthday assembly!

Please join us to celebrate Buddha’s birthday assembly!

We will chant Shakyamuni Buddha’s name followed by each of us taking turns to bathe the baby Buddha statue. Children are welcome to come and bathe the Buddha, too.  After the ceremony, there will be a potluck party where participants will enjoy a variety of delicious vegan/vegetarian meals…!

Buddha’s Birthday, also known as the Festival of Bathing of Buddha, Vesak Day or simply Buddha Day is traditionally observed on the 8th day of the 4th month of the lunar calendar in China.

Shakyamuni Buddha was born 565 BCE as the prince of the Kapilavastu kingdom in ancient India (in today’s Nepal). “Bathing of Buddha” is an ancient and important ceremony since India’s Buddhist time, and can be traced back to historical narratives of Gautama Buddha’s birth. According to the legend, when Gautama Buddha was born, he pointed one hand toward the sky and the other toward the earth; the earth trembled, and there were nine dragons spewing water to bathe him. Nowadays, Buddhists in many countries observe Buddha Day by bathing the Buddha.