Welcome to the DDMBA Chicago Chapter!

Upcoming Special Events:

In-person 3 day Chan retreat with Venerable Guo Goang in April (Fri, Apr 5 – Sun, Apr 7, 2024): Worldly and World Transcending PathsRegistration not open yet.

Weekly Events:

Join the weekly Sunday morning sittings (8:30 AM – 10 AM) and Chan workshop / book study (10:10 AM – 11:30 AM). Please check the calendar for more details! If you can’t join in person, join via zoom !

Weekly Yoga has resumed! Please check the event calendar for more details and contact Iris if you intend to join!

Norman Liu’s weekly Tai Chi classes (Wed evenings) will resume on March 1st, 2023 – Beginners welcome! Please click on the post to find out how to register online!

Our center now also has a youtube channel where you will find recordings of the Sunday Chan Workshop and of upcoming retreats.

Besides, also check out DDM Chicago’s audio podcast that features recordings of Dharma talks from past retreats between 2011 – 2022.

Past Events:

In-person 2 day Chan retreat with Venerable Guo Xing in October (Fri, Oct 6 – Sun, Oct 8, 2023): The Fingers Pointing to the MoonRetreat is now fully booked. If you haven’t registered yet please let us know and we will put your name on the waiting list. On Sunday there will be an opportunity to Take Refuge in the Three Jewels and to formally become a Buddhist and receive a Dharma name.

Beginner’s meditation class with Iris on Sat, Sep 16, 2023. — Online Registration is now open !

Beginner’s meditation class with Iris on Sat, Jun 17, 2023. A great way to learn about the theory and practice of Chan meditation — Online Registration is now open !

Join us for Buddha’s Birthday Ceremony on Sun, May 14th, 2023 with the Former Abbot President, Venerable Guo Dong. After the ceremony there will be an opportunity to Take Refuge in the Three Jewels and to formally become a Buddhist and receive a Dharma name.

Join us for the Transmission of the Lamp of Wisdom (1/2 day Retreat & Ceremony) on Sun, Feb 5th, 2023 Mini-Retreat (8:30 AM – 11 AM) and Ceremony (11:00 AM – 12:00 PM). If you can’t join in person, join via zoom !

Beginner’s meditation class with Iris on Sat, Jan 14, 2023. — Online Registration is now open !

In-person 2 1/2 day retreat with Chan Master Gilbert Gutierrez in November (Fri, Nov 11 – Sun, Nov 13, 2022): Preserving the Essence of Chan: Right View Theory and Practice — We are now on a Waitlist. Link to the Retreat schedule.

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief:

We invite all to contribute to the Earthquake Relief to address the difficult situation in Turkey and Syria. These funds will provide support for medical supplies, housing, foods, children’s education and scholarship, and mental health. Thank you for helping!

Welcome to the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association Chicago Chapter (DDM Chicago). We are a Buddhist meditation center located in Wheeling, IL. We teach and promote the understanding and practice of Chan Buddhism, cultivating wisdom and compassion, and the freedom and ease of body and mind through Chan practice.

The vision behind our efforts is that of “Uplifting the Character of Humanity and Building a Pure Land on Earth” as promoted by our late teacher and Founder of DDM, Chan Master Sheng Yen. Our localized mission is to create a vibrant and sustainable community by encouraging spiritual growth and promoting happiness.

To achieve the vision and mission, we offer various practice and caring programs, including group meditation programs, chanting, book study, social activities, and more. Through fluent English and Chinese language skills, we help to bring benefits to both English and Chinese speakers, in their individual lives and throughout the society, through an understanding of Buddhism as a living philosophy.

Online Sunday morning meditation and Dharma class.

If you cannot join in person at our DDMBA Center in Wheeling you are welcome join online by clicking on this link.


  • 08:30am – 09:00am : Eight Form Moving Meditation
  • 09:00am – 09:45am : Sitting Meditation
  • 09:45am – 10:00am : Morning Service
  • 10:00am – 11:30am : Book Study

*** New! *** Membership program: Please Register here!

“To know the arising mind is the non-arising Mind”

Chan Wisdom

Meals for Heroes

Chicago DDM brings over 5000 meals to local healthcare workers via Meals for Heroes.

(05/14/2020): By means of a very generous gift of $50,000 from one of our members the Chicago Chapter of the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association was able to order more than 5000 meals that were distributed to local hospitals through the “Meals for Heroes” initiative to support the healthcare workers. “Meals for Heroes” is a program created by Savory Salads in Illinois to provide healthy meals to hospitals in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs as a means to thank our healthcare workers. With the donation Savory Salads will deliver 5,000 meals to local hospitals for the next 6 weeks.

COVID-19 Relief Project

DDMBA Chicago donates Masks to neighboring organizations

(05/14/2020): In an effort to support our community, DDMBA Chicago is participating in a larger effort by the Chan Center of New York to address the current shortage of protective masks and medical equipment.  The DDMBA COVID – 19 USA Relief Project  imports these critical items through trusted channels from China and distributes them to nursing homes, hospitals, and local governments in need of Personal Protective Equipment.  Overall, funds raised have enabled the purchase of 100,000 masks and our Chicago DDMBA Chapter has donated 6,000 masks to local organizations. We thank the brave Bodhisattvas that are on the front lines of this Pandemic.